Peggy Johnson, Microsoft executive VP of business development
Peggy Johnson, Microsoft executive VP of business development. Bloomberg West


Microsoft paid a lot of money to poach Peggy Johnson from Qualcomm.

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella convinced Johnson to work for the company as its vice president of business development after 24 years at San Diego’s Qualcomm, he sweetened the offer with a $7.8 million signing bonus.

Thanks to that one-time bonus, Johnson’s total annual pay for fiscal-year 2015 adds up to a hefty $14.53 million.

The compensation detail comes from Microsoft’s proxy statement — basically a cheat sheet for shareholders ahead of its annual shareholder meeting in December — and was confirmed by a Microsoft representative.

Johnson’s overall $14.53 million pay package puts her below Nadella, who made just shy of $18.3 million in the fiscal year ending June 2015. But it puts her ahead of Kevin Turner, traditionally the highest-paid executive after the CEO at Microsoft, with almost $12.2 million.

It’s also worth noting that Johnson’s $7.8 million signing bonus is a mix of cash and stocks, so she won’t be able to cash out entirely until her stock vests in 2018.

As reported by Business Insider