The Post takes its name from the building it occupies – a historical landmark built in the days of the British Mandate, part of which still serves as the city’s central post office.

A new hostel, The Post, has opened in Jerusalem, and both its location and design harken back to another era – when the phrase “Palestinian conflict” carried a much different meaning.

The name comes from its location: Right above the city’s central post office on Jaffa Road. The building is a unique architectural creation, built by British architects Austen Harrison and Percy Winter between the years 1934-1938, while the British Mandate was still in effect.

The structure combines international and traditional-Jerusalem styles of design. In its original version, the building served as the Palestine post office, telephone, and telegraph center, as well as the city’s telephone center and post office, the last of which it is to this day.

The Post in Jerusalem.
The Post in Jerusalem.


The building’s outer structure shows influences of a variety of periods and cultures, with seven arches along the entrance. Some were originally stamp-selling booths. The writing on the booths, in Hebrew, English, and Arabic, shows the building’s roots as a place where different cultures and religions meet.

The Post hostel was built with the current structure in mind, and with sensitivity for the building’s historical and architectural significance. A gentle peeling process revealed its original walls, floors, and ceilings.

The hostel itself has a variety of accommodations, from private rooms for couples to rooms fit for four, six, eight, or even 12 people. It has an open roof balcony, a large parlor, a kitchen for guests’ use, and dining tables. It also has a film screening room and offers advice for tourist trips. All rooms have a bathroom and shower, as well as free WiFi. Prices range from $25 a person in a 12-person room to $132 for a couple in a two-person room. To celebrate its opening, The Post is offering a 25 percent discount for all rooms.

As reported by Ynetnews