Ron Prosor open hands
Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations speaks to the media outside the Security Council chambers July 20, 2014 at UN headquarters in New York. (photo credit:AFP / STAN HONDA)


NEW YORK – On his last day as ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor on Friday urged the Security Council and Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon to denounce the recent attacks against Israeli citizens “in a clear and unequivocal manner.”

The international body should “take immediate action against the incitement, violence and terror currently being waged against the people of Israel,” he said.

On Tuesday, as the wave of Arab violence started to spread in Israel, Ban expressed concern and condemned the killings of Palestinians without mention of Israeli victims.

Prosor on Friday pointed out that in 72 hours alone, Palestinians had carried out 11 terrorist attacks across Israel.

“Israelis are being attacked and murdered in the streets, in their vehicles, and even in their homes, and the UN stands by in silence,” he said, “As my final act as Israel’s ambassador, I wish to stress the urgency of this situation that requires immediate action.”

The escalation in terrorist attacks and killings is “a result of the ongoing instigation to violence by the Palestinian leadership,” Prosor said. “Palestinian officials continue to use inflammatory rhetoric and dangerous incitement, intensifying this wave of terror against Israeli citizens, and it must stop.”

Prosor ended his four-year term as Israel’s representative at the United Nations; he will be replaced by former science, technology and space minister Danny Danon.

Danon’s appointment was announced in August and unleashed much criticism. The Zionist Union called the move “another nail in the coffin that Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] is putting in Israel’s foreign relations.”

Danon begins his term as ambassador on Monday.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post