Help refugees survive conflict in Syria and Iraq
Help refugees survive conflict in Syria and Iraq

Atlanta – A new report from the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, says that more than 2,500 migrants and refugees have died or gone missing this year while crossing the Mediterranean Sea, seeking a new life. Although over 350,000 survived, the journeys remain dangerous and deadly. CNN Impact Your World has gathered ways you can help make the journeys safe.

• The Migrant Offshore Aid Station is dedicated to preventing migrant deaths at sea. The organization has put together a team that cruises around the Mediterranean looking for boats and migrants who need rescue. Louisiana natives Christopher and Regina Catrambone devoted $8 million of their own money to buy a ship called the Phoenix to help the cause.

• Save the Children is distributing essential items such as diapers, hygiene kits and food this week. In addition, Save the Children will be launching a humanitarian response, including child protection, help with shelter as the winter approaches and continued distribution of essential goods in the next two weeks.

• The International Federation of the Red Cross Europe has expanded its services beyond the ports where migrants and refugees are arriving. The organization is providing emergency health services at central train stations in the Italian cities of Milan, Rome and Ventimiglia. In addition, the Italian Red Cross has established a tent city in Rome that can house up to 200 people.

• With much of the migrant population being refugees fleeing from Syria’s civil war, the International Rescue Committee has focused on improving living conditions by setting up a makeshift camp near Athens, Greece. The camp is housing thousands who are on their way to Greece or other European countries.

As reported by CNN