A Turkish soldier stands guard while smoke rises in the Syrian town of Kobani
A Turkish soldier stands guard while smoke rises in the Syrian town of Kobani as it is seen from the Turkish border town of Suruc. (photo credit:REUTERS)


An Israeli national from the North is reportedly en route to Syria in hopes of joining the Islamic State terrorist organization.

According to officials in the northern town which was unnamed, the Israeli citizen in question is a woman in her forties. This past Thursday, she departed from Israel, catching a flight to Turkey.

The woman’s family fears that she flew to Turkey in order to cross the border into Syrian areas controlled by ISIS.

The family has alerted authorities in Israel as well as international law enforcement officials in hopes of preventing the woman from reaching the Turkish-Syrian frontier.

“Nobody in the family knew of her intentions [to join ISIS],” a local source told The Jerusalem Post’s corporate sister Ma’ariv. “Her husband and children went to the police and also told the Foreign Ministry in the hopes that this would lead to her being tracked down, before crossing the border into Syria.”

If the woman succeeds in joining the ranks of ISIS, she would be the second Israeli Arab to do so. This past June, it was reported that a resident of the Galilee town of Sakhnin took his wife and three children to Turkey, where he crossed the border into Syria so that he could eventually join ISIS.

The relatives of the man, who is in his thirties, notified Israeli authorities.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post