Members of CommBank’s UX team at work. Image: Supplied.


It’s Friday! Here’s what you need to know today.

1. Commbank has a whopping 75 UX designers. It’s one of the largest user experience teams in Australia and the investment shows just how serious the bank is when it comes to leading the fintech race. More here.

2. Google’s Australian engineers are a bit of a talented bunch. They’ve built a way to explore businesses through virtual reality. It’s pretty awesome, and it only really works on your smartphone. Plenty more here.

3. Australia Post had another tech glitch. This time it was its Postcards app which lets you upload a holiday snap, write a message and choose who it gets sent to. Problem is, some are turning up months later or not at all.

4. AHALife is listing on the ASX. AHALife CEO Shauna Mei, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, is listing her New York-based online marketplace created just for luxury goods on the ASX today, a back door event using the shell of INT Corporation. Read more here.

5. Facebook has another untapped multibillion-dollar opportunity Facebook up its sleeve. The Bank of America / Merrill Lynch sees the monetisation potential of Facebook search as a $US4+ billion opportunity – greater than the value of Instagram.

As reported by Business Insider