Grooveshark cofounder, 28, found dead in his home

Josh Greenberg Grooveshark
Josh Greenberg. (Michael Vroegop/Flickr)


Josh Greenberg, a cofounder of the online music-streaming site Grooveshark, was found dead in his home, according to the Gainesville Police Department. He was 28 years old.

Greenberg was found in his bed by his girlfriend on Sunday, according to The Gainesville Sun.

According to the report, Greenberg’s mother, Lori Greenberg, said police told her there was “no evidence of foul play, injuries, or drugs.” She said her son did not have any health issues.

“They are as baffled as I am,” Greenberg told The Gainesville Sun.

Gainesville police confirmed the news on Twitter, stating there was “no evidence of foul play or suicide.”

A medical examiner is conducting an autopsy on Monday to look into any potential obvious health issues that may have led to Josh Greenberg’s death, and toxicology results will become available in the following months, according to the report.

Greenberg founded Grooveshark along with his friend Sam Tarantino in 2006 when he was 19 and still studying at University of Florida. The music-streaming site, which quickly became a thorn in the side of music labels and record companies looking to clamp down on music piracy, was shut down for good on April 30 at the close of a lawsuit and settlement.

A screenshot of a Grooveshark webpage


At its most popular, Grooveshark saw 40 million monthly users and had a team of 145 employees based out of Gainesville and New York City.

Greenberg’s mother told The Gainesville Sun that her son wasn’t depressed, but rather “relieved” at the end of the lawsuit.

“He was excited about potential new things that he was going to start,” she said.

A memorial service for Josh Greenberg will be held in Gainesville, according to the report.

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