Adi Sigler and Gilad Schalit . (photo credit:FACEBOOK)


Whoever is following the private life of Gilad Schalit on social media knows that the former prisoner who Hamas held for almost five years in captivity is in a romantic  relationship with Adi Sigler.

Schalit and Sigler are busy studying for their college finals like all students in Israel right now. Amid the last minute cramming, Sigler found time to write a Facebook post that may hint at future developments between the couple.

Aside the text of her Facebook post is a photo of herself with Schalit and their dog Bella.

“So this is our family,” Sigler writes.

“Gilad playing the role of father and I am the mother. Bella is our little princess.”

“During these days, when on the hand the mind is heavy into studying and on the other hand the heart aches with memories of the past, I am happy that you are here with me, that you are mine, that you are the most modest, optimistic and sensitive person and that you love me in return,” she wrote.

“Waiting for good news and that we also pull off some decent grades… I love you the man of my life.”