Khader Adnan
Khader Adnan. (photo credit:REUTERS)


Israel is scheduled to release early Friday morning a senior Islamic Jihad figure whose nearly two month hunger-strike has become the focus of a campaign to end his imprisonment.

According to Palestinian sources, negotiations late last month between the lawyers of Khader Adnan, 34, and Israel concluded with an agreement that the prisoner would be released on July 12 rather than September 5 if he would cease refusing food.

Khader, who has been under administrative detention for 11 months, was initially arrested in December of 2012, and has participated in at least one other hunger-strike with lasted sixty-six days.

Last month Khader’s organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, threatened violence if Khader was allowed to die.

“We will not allow our son [Khader] to die in jail from a hunger strike while the enemy remains secure and there is no response from the resistance,” said one leading figure, identifying himself as al-Batas.

Al-Batash further called on the international community, the Palestinian Authority, as well as Egypt to intervene in the matter, however only the latter was approached directly on Friday with an appeal to help facilitate the the demands of the group.

However Adnan’s wife, Randa Adnan, rebuked al-Batash’s threats, and said she is not interested in the posthumous promises of the militant factions in Gaza.

“We are not interested in the proclamations [made by Palestinian militants] that if Hader dies in jail, they will get involved,” she said.

In an effort to avoid attracted spectators and “the risk the possibility of turning the release into a celebration” Israeli Security forces handed over custody of Khader over to Palestinian representatives in the early morning hours, at a predetermined location twelve kilometers east of Jenin.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post