Op-ed: The ‘lone-wolf terrorist’ may be ‘alone’ in their actions, but they are driven and influenced by the mass, systematic, Nazi incitement on the Palestinian Authority’s official media outlets.

If a German television network would report that Israel “inserted poison into main water resources in the Gaza Strip” and a German newspaper would write that “the Jews’ god is demanding that they offer him a sacrifice on Passover in the form of matza made from our children’s blood,” we would alert the world against the blood libels and say that the Nazis have returned.

But when these words appear on the Palestinian Authority’s television and official newspaper, al-Hayat al-Jadida, we don’t say or do a thing. Arab Nazis bear a reduced political and criminal responsibility here – and the source of this racist arrogance is in the left, which carries the flag of “progress.”

Several days after the hit-and-run attack in Jerusalem, in which two people were murdered, and the attempt to murder Yehudah Glick, Supreme Sharia Judge Mahmoud al-Habash lashed out on official Palestinian television: “We kiss every leg carrying out a holy war at the al-Aqsa Mosque and in Jerusalem.”

Imagine a Jewish public figure speaking that way, for example after the burning of the Arab youth – within hours, the inciter would be arrested until the completion of legal proceedings and would be judged severely. But when the inciter is Arab, sacred rules like “the rule of law” and “equality before the law” are null and void.

Another example out of tens of thousands is a broadcast of Jibril Rajoub on another Palestinian network, in which he said: “Brothers, am I preventing you from slaughtering a settlement? No one is stopping anyone.” Political Israel ignored it, and we paid for this lawlessness with the FIFA affair.

Jibril Rajoub said on Palestinian TV, 'Brothers, am I preventing you from slaughtering a settlement?' (Archive photo: AP)
Jibril Rajoub said on Palestinian TV, ‘Brothers, am I preventing you from slaughtering a settlement?’ (Archive photo: AP)


The ongoing disregard of the law and justice community – led by the attorney general and state prosecutor – is being paid by the “lone-wolf terrorist,” for example the one who fired at a roadblock in the Jordan Valley or the one who likely murdered a 70-year-old farmer. They are all “alone” in their actions, but are driven and influenced by the mass, systematic, Nazi incitement.

The media like to throw the slogan “words kill” at the Right. It’s true, but doesn’t it also apply to words of Arabs which kill Jews? Are we too shortsighted to see the causal relation between the call for murder and the act of murder?

Germany hardly did a thing to punish the Nazis, but it completely destroyed Nazism in the country. How did it do it? With undemocratic measures, or what is also known as “defensive democracy”: It closed the Nazi newspapers, destroyed and outlawed any publication, textbook, symbol, flag or slogan with a Nazi nature, and even banned such words and gestures. Instead, material with a democratic, liberal, free and progressive nature was – forcibly – introduced. The prohibitions were implemented systematically and with a firm hand, so there is no wonder that after Germany made sure that the young generation would be unaware of Joseph Goebbels, it really and truly produced an anti-Nazi generation.

The opposite was done by the Oslo architects. They established in Ramallah a government which intentionally exposes generation after generation to murderous Nazi incitement. These architects imagined that they were working for “peace,” and turned out to be perpetuating the war.

The education minister and justice minister should be reminded that since Operation Defensive Shield, the IDF has been entering every place in the Palestinian Authority and arresting terror suspects, who are judged in the courts. It is under your responsibility to do the same to the inciters, because they are the ones who motivate the lone-wolf terrorist.

As reported by Ynetnews