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Box CEO Aaron Levie


Box has been focused on going beyond its core file storage business over the past few years, providing more workflow and industry-focused services.

And on Tuesday, it announced a huge partnership with IBM that will help it go further into the enterprise.

IBM is going to let Box plug into its analytics and security technology, while Box will integrate its content management system into Big Blue’s existing products.

For example, they will work on a new data analytics solution that uses IBM’s Watson supercomputer. Box’s technology will also be integrated into IBM Verse and IBM Connection, its business email and collaboration services.

They will also jointly develop mobile apps and analytics solutions. Box said some of that could even be included in the products IBM and Apple are building together. On top of that, IBM will use its massive salesforce and consulting team to sell it to its network of business customers.

Considering IBM deals with some of the biggest businesses in the world, it’s a huge deal for Box, which went public earlier this year.

“The strength we bring to the table is really simple, content management experiences. What IBM brings to the table is a wider array of workflow and analytics technology to help facilitate that,” Box CEO Aaron Levie told Business Insider.

Some use cases Levie mentioned include doctors getting real-time, personalized analytics on medical records to come up with a better diagnosis. Or banks moving away from paper-based processes and targeting customers with better mortgage products.

But more than anything, Levie said it’s a big deal because it shows big companies like IBM are willing to partner with smaller players like Box to build a completely new solution.

“You’re going to start seeing best-in-class technology providers really link up to provide new solutions and capabilities for customers,” Levie said. “Certainly, it’s the biggest partnership we’ve done in terms of how comprehensive it is across the product portfolio of IBM,” Levie added.

As reported by Business Insider