Tel Aviv – Doctome, an Israeli medical start-up, is looking to change both how patients interact with their healthcare providers, and how people look to the internet for quick health advice.

Itamar Bitton, a 30 year old industrial engineer, and CEO of Doctome, spoke to the Tazpit News Agency on Thursday about his vision for the company, which was founded in 2009.

Bitton said that through partnering with IBM, his digital doctor-patient platform will change the healthcare professions in the US, UK and further afield.

Doctome aims to be more than a google search of symptoms, which is what many in western countries do to try and self-diagnose health issues. The digital doc platform is a fully functional first step for people requiring health advice and even diagnosis, and can be adapted to fit either a WhatsApp or computer hologram delivery mechanism.

The software’s incorporation to IBM’s Watson computer, as part of their placement in the microchip giant’s start-up incubator has been a breakthrough for the company. The Watson project developed a “cognitive computer,” which IBM claim can learn like a human.

As reported by Vos Iz Neias