Foreign national, 28, posted clips calling on viewers to ‘catch and kill all the Jews’ that garnered thousands of hits

Amid fears of resurgent anti-Semitism across Europe, Spanish officials have arrested an unnamed woman for online incitement to kill Jews.

The woman, 28, a foreign national residing in Ribaforada, Spain, uploaded a number of videos calling for the maiming and “extermination” of Jews and Zionists, Eldiario reported (Spanish).

Officials issued an arrest warrant for the woman due to the “brutality of the content” she created, for which she is expected to be tried on several counts of inciting hatred and violence through audiovisual material on various social networks.

A number of her videos garnered thousands of views, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior said in a statement.

Officials also confiscated computer and video equipment from the woman’s premises when she was arrested Saturday.

In one video, three women in Muslim garb were reportedly seen chanting, “Catch and kill all the Jews. Strike them and make the Jews bleat like animals. Exterminate the Zionists. Exterminate them, exterminate them, the world will be better off,” while one of the women stabbed a doll of an Orthodox Jew with a knife.

The Anti-Defamation League praised the move, but claimed that little else was being to done to stem the tide of growing anti-Semitism across Europe.

“If you call for Jews to be killed, you should be prosecuted and go to jail,” ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman said in a statement Wednesday.

“That should be the standard, especially in Europe where we have seen several anti-Semitic murders over the past few years. Spain deserves praise for upholding that principle in this case, even though Spain and other European governments have failed to prosecute other instances of clear incitement to murder Jews,” he said.

In an ADL survey publicized last year, 29 percent of Spanish interviewees were found to harbor anti-Semitic views — higher than the Western European average of 24%.

Of those canvassed in Spain, 65% said Jews are more loyal to Israel than their home countries, while 53% said Jews hold too much power in the business world.


As reported by times of israel