The big winners of the  Mobile Premier Awards (MPA) at the Mobile World Congress this year went to two Israelis who took first prize in the prestigious competition. The annual event is held in Barcelona, Spain and is considered one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed upon start-up entrepreneurs looking to make a big impact on the smartphone application market.

To give you some idea of the weight the award carries, 2010’s MPA winner was the now the world famous Israeli Waze application.

Haran Yaffa and Omri Erez are the dynamic duo behind ‘Fansino’ – an app that connects musicians and fans together.  The app allows artists to interact with individuals who buy and listen to their music and facilitate communication through social networking platforms in real time. The app also allows fans to receive information about their favorite artist, upcoming concerts and ticket sales.

According to the app’s creators,  the ‘Fanzino’  app helps musicians to observe who hears and buys their music, facilitating both parties to get in touch with one another and help musicians overcome a huge challenge the music industry has faced by connecting fans with their favorite artist.