Libya’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Dayri has called for Western military support, saying the growing threat from jihadist groups threatened to turn his country into another Syria.

“Time is running out,” Dayri told AFP in an interview on Tuesday. “Terrorism amounts to a danger not just for Libya and its neighbours. It is an intensifying threat to Europe.

“Without a political solution, the country could get trapped in a full-blown civil war like in Syria,” he said.

The North African country has collapsed into a bitter struggle between rival governments and militias since dictator Moamer Khadafi was overthrown and killed with Western help in 2011.

Two parliaments compete for legitimacy in different parts of the country. Islamist militants control the capital Tripoli, while an internationally-recognised government has been relegated to the eastern city of Tobruk.

– ‘No convincing response’ –

There are also fears that the conflict is attracting an increasing amount of foreign jihadists, and a number of attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State group.

The minister, a member of the Tobruk government, underlined that his government is not asking for a new Western military intervention as in 2011, but only for “the reinforcement of the Libyan army’s capabilities”.