By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H FRINGE benefits,with STRINGS attached.The word Mitzvah(מצוה) is from the root (צוותא וחיבור)meaning to bond and unite the will of Hashem. The word (מצוה)is a 4 letter word just like the name (י-הוה) The last 2 letters of the Name (וה) are clearly visible. The first 2 letters (י-ה) when decoded by a system called AT-BASH (א-ת ב-ש)Which is a decoding system where one replaces the first letter of the Alef Bet with the last letter (א-ת ב-ש ג-ר ד-ק ה-צ) and so on.When we do this with the first 2 letters of the Name of Hashem the results are (מ=י צ=ה)which are the first 2 letters of the name of Hashem.The revealed letters (וה) reveal the carrying out of Hashem’s directive in doing Mitzvah. The undecoded letters (מצ) in which you don’t see the overt letters revealed,hint at the unrevealed essence of Hashem. The reason that they are hidden, is in order so that we will be able to carry out His Will,with our Free Will.Thus bonding and uniting our inner will, with His Higher Will Thus uniting the intention (כוונה) with the action(מעשה)……Shabbat Shalom.