The Zionist Camp Campaign Chairman, Eitan Cabel, wants to see a debate between his candidate, Isaac Herzog, and Prime Minister Netanyahu. It would be a phenomenon, the last debate being held in 1999. The only obstacle? His honor the Prime Minister has yet to express an interest.

On Sunday, MK Eitan Cabel, campaign chairman of the Zionist Union list, published a message he sent to the CEO’s of three major Israeli television channels, in which he urged them to invite Netanyahu and Herzog to a series of debates, which would be broadcast on all of the channels before the elections.

The proposal was for a series of three debates between the two (a debate for every TV channel) or a single debate which would be broadcasted on all of the channels at the same time and they would shared in the production.

If the Prime Minister refuses to appear, Cabel said: “Stop covering him, stop broadcasting his videos and stop relating to messages he issues as press releases. The debate is not only a privilege of the candidate who challenges the Prime Minister, but it is the Prime Minister’s duty to the Israeli public. I cannot let him get away this time, too, the media has enough power to make it go through,” said MK Cabel. “You are not a pipeline for propaganda, you have an important role in the election campaign, and you must not misappropriate it. Otherwise, you will not be much different from a margarine factory standing here in front of us, “he said referring to the newspaper” Israel Today “.