B”H As a family increases in numbers,so does the love between them. The increase is both quantitative as well as qualitative. A family of 2 parents +4 children in factorial math =720-interrelationships. 1X2X3X4X5X6=720. When the Torah says”be fruitful and multiply” The words”fruitful and multiply”seem redundant. Then you come to realize, that fruitful (fertility)is referring to a quantitative, body count whereas multiply is referring to a potential of a multiplicity of interrelationships.

This results from multiple interpersonal interactions. Thereby the fourth child is a recipient of much more love than an only child. Each child actualizes the dormant potential emotions waiting to be catalyzed by that specific child’s personality and needs. Each child also brings with it Divinely inspired sensitivities,that sparks and ignites the Divinely endowed sensitivities of others. The richness and the resulting self realisation of this chemistry creates inspired and inspiring people.Thus making this world a better and more interesting place to live in and reveal G-D’s Luminescent Presence.It takes ONE to know One.

The Hebrew letter ALEF=1,when the ALEF in Hebrew is spelled out(Alef=!, Lamed=30 Peh=80).Thus when added together=111.א+ל+פ=111 The Hebrew word for-1,000 is the same letters as-אלף. Thereby the Hebrew word ALEF can equal=!,111. Consistently maintaining a ONE on ONE with every digital aspect of every decimal multiple of ONE.