An Israeli woman is making a splash in the technology world. Chen Levanon’s company, ClicksMob, has recently been named by Forbes “one of American’s most promising companies for 2015.”

In the last two years, the companies’ revenues went from $1 million to $10 million and it had its first taste of success within the third month of operation. Their team started out with six employees and has expanded to 40.

ClicksMob is a rapidly growing mobile performance advertising platform, that operates differently than its competitors.

It ranked #28 out of 100 honored, Forbes’ fourth annual list recognizes the leading privately-held, high-growth companies that boast compelling business models, strong management teams and notable customers and investors.

ClicksMob brokers between apps and publishers to increase an app developer’s number of downloads and publishers’ mobile traffic. They display an app’s advertisement on targeted sites, which their technology chooses among its 4,000 different mobile traffic sources depending on the app client’s needs and budget.

The difference between ClicksMob and its competitors is that they don’t get paid until someone downloads the client’s app, whereas other sites charge per click.

On the honor from Forbes, Levanon, the firm’s CEO said “It is a rare company that makes the Forbes Most Promising Companies list, and we are delighted, honored and humbled that ClicksMob is part of such a prestigious group of winners. This recognition is a testament to the hard work of our entire team each and every day and the commitment to our clients to continually innovate and deliver the best possible ROI for their mobile advertising spend.”

She explained to GeekTime, “Sometimes the conversion rate is 5 percent and sometimes it’s 1 percent. It depends on where the traffic source places the banner and it also depends on the attractiveness of your product. If you promote [a game like] Candy Crush and everyone wants to play it, the conversion rate will be high.”

And yes, the owner of Candy Crush is one of her clients.

She also said, “We developed our technology from scratch. There are a lot of companies that are similar to us but they actually take white label technology that looks the same and can be very flexible and they pay per click. I don’t pay for my technology. So I don’t mind delivering as many clicks as I can, because I care about the downloads and I want them to be super high-quality for the advertisers.”

The company boasts that it generates millions of clicks on a daily basis which convert to thousands of actions for its advertisers. Their overall goal is to assist new apps to attract users.

Not only does Levanon successfully run a multi-million dollar company, but she also had two babies in the last three years and happens to be a very humble human being. It seems success was always destined to come her way.