By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H Shevat-Aquarius-Pitcher (water bucket) דלי SENSE of the month, sense of TASTE. The innermost sense of all the physical. (people with good taste..) It is a process of Tikun (rectification) through eating, through which one enhances and furthers one’s pursuit of righteousness. As it is written Taste (contemplate) and see that Hashem is good; praiseworthy is the man who takes refuge in Him.- Psalms 34-9. Food-אכל=51 -Which =3×17=3xtov-GOOD.Good for body,mind and soul.The same letters can also ,in permutation,can form-“Col-alef”Everything has the Holy Sparks of the Holy One in it. A proper blessing for that specific food facilitate the release, not only of the Hashgocha Proteins and the Emunah Acids,but the Divine Soul Food. LETTER-of the month-TZADIK-צ-“The righteous one eats to satisfy his SOUL,but the stomach of the wicked will(always lack)-Mishlei-13-25. ORGAN of the month-STOMACH. Place of digestion. Digest-Ingest-Divest-Invest. Transmuting matter into meaningful spiritual energetic activity as well as sincere acts of kindness.

SYMBOL of the month-Water pitcher. Water is one of the primary symbols of Torah, as it is stated “Ho ,everyone who is thirsty go to the WATER(learn Torah) Isaiah-55-1.A real thirst quencher for the deHIGHdrated.. Really hits the spot through restoring every to their full,body,mind and soul stature. TRIBE of the month-ASHER “His bread will have richness (oil) and he will provide kingly delicacies”Bereshit-49-20. Both WATERand OIL are used as symbols for Torah wisdom. OIL is a symbol for the Oral Torah (Mishne Torah) משנה-השמן. Moshe began his Mishne Torah on the first day of the month of SHEVAT Moshe embodied the main concept of Shevat (water carrier)for he drew from the wellspring of Torah thus quenching the thirst the Jewish People. Moshe himself was named by Batya. She gave that name (משה) because those Hebrew letters are an acronym for-“I have drawn you from the water” Moshe also met his wife TZIPORAH by a wellspring. Moshe who is often referred to as איש=שבט. PLANET of the month-SATURN-SHABTAI- שבת-Hints at a special time for contemplation on one’s quality of life, which arouses TESHUVAH (repentance) A permutation of -שבת=תשב-which means to return. It is that during the month of Shevat that we receive Divine Judgement for the spiritual sustenance of the whole year. The 15th of Shevat, New Year for Trees, is when judgement on the quality and quantity of next years produce is DIVINELY ordained. שישמע בשורות טובות-ר״ת שבט. The letters of Shevat in Hebrew are a acronym for “We should all hear good news”. AMEN v AMEN.