Five stabbed on Tel Aviv bus in terror attack

Over 10 people were wounded Wednesday morning in a terror attack in central Tel Aviv. At roughly 7:15 am a terrorist boarded Dan Line 40 bus on Begin Road in Tel Aviv near the Beit Maariv Bridge and stabbed the bus driver and a number of passengers before fleeing the scene. He was then shot and captured by forces who were present in the area.

17 people were wounded in the attack, four are in serious condition, 3 moderately, 6 lightly and the rest suffered from anxiety.

Two of the victims were in critical condition and taken to Ichilov Medical Center, while another three were in moderate condition. A police team chased the perpetrator and shot him, apparently hitting him in the leg. The area was closed to traffic.

“We were in our car behind the bus,” an eyewitness told Ynet. “Suddenly we saw people getting off and running, screaming, and crying hysterically. We didn’t know what to do. We were scared he was going to come towards us. Several ambulances arrived and they just evacuated everyone.”

Tel Aviv District Police Commander Bentzi Sau arrived at the scene, and described the event as a “serious nationalistically motive incident.”

The terrorist, who initially fled the scene and was captured some 400 meters away, “began the attack immediately after boarding the bus,” the police commander said, adding that “after her hurt the driver he continued to stab other passengers.”

He praised the driver, who fought the terrorist: “He struggled with the attacker and slowed him down.” He further praised the forces who final arrested the terrorist.

Nahshon soldiers who arrested the terrorist were nearby coincidentally. They were escorting prisoners to the courthouse and spotted the suspect in the act. They chased after him before shooting him in the leg and arresting him. The terrorist was evacuated to Wolfson Medical Center.

Hamas praised the attack as a ‘heroic and courageous act.’

The last terror attack in Tel Aviv was also a stabbing, and took place in November and saw IDF soldier Almog Shiloni murdered after he was gravely wounded struggling with a Palestinian who attempted to grab his weapon at the Haganah Train Station in Tel Aviv.



As appeared on ynetnews