The Israeli Police has recruited a large group of Charedi policemen. 33 Charedi recruits have just completed their training as Israeli policemen. They were trained in all of their functions including handgun training and are certified to carry weapons.

They will be taking part in the following duties: patrol, traffic, 911 emergency call center, and as medics. They will serve the Charedi public and other sections of the public as well.
They were inducted in a unique ceremony at the National Police Academy in Bet Shemesh.

This is considered to be the first time a wave of men from the Charedi community has joined the police force. At the ceremony were police officers, the senior ones being Police Head of Operations Brigadier General Nissim Mor, Major General Yaron Beeri, Chairman of the Office of Internal Security Peleg Rotem, Assistant Chairman of the Office of Internal Security, IDF representatives, representatives of the civilian civil service authority, and an exceptional number of representatives of the Charedi community.

The newly commissioned Charedi policemen said that their decision to join the police force received approval from the rabbis they consulted, and they see themselves as emissaries for a mitza since their main duties will be giving help to the public. It should be noted that the police authorities understand very well the needs of the Charedi public and in particular the needs of the Charedi policemen, and for this reason they fit the course and their training especially for them, and therefore made and will continue to make practical efforts among the commanders of the police officers in the future so they will understand the uniqueness of these policemen and create for them a positive environment that will be adapted to best utilize their unique skills.

The new police come from all over Israel; from Rosh Pina in the north and all the way to Netivot in the south. A group of 11 police officers were appointed to the civilian security track and 23 others as part of the regular mandatory police service. The course lasted two weeks and is held in Jerusalem and includes several days of weapons certification.

In the opening speech, Police Commander Nissim Mor said “that the Charedi policemen’s understanding the requirements of the job is accurate and perfectly clear, we see in you the highest quality of the personnel of the best policemen.” Commander Moore explained that officers in the policeforce, especially those from interrogation and investigation operations, and traffic seek to recruit these police officers in their units and that they have high hopes for them.