By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H “ZOHAR” -Va’eira-32 – חק לישראל-יום חמישי – “CURRENT EVENTS” A) Come and see,for 400 years stood the appointed angel of the Ishmaelites and requested before The Blessed One Be He. HE said to HIM does one who is circumcised have a portion in Your Name? Hashem answered yes.  So he said, Ishmael is circumcised, and even at the age of 13 why does he not have a part in You like Yitzchak. Hashem said to him Yitzchak was circumcised as required and properly and Ishmael not so. Not only that, these cling to Me properly for 8 days. Yet the others are distant from Me for many days. So he said to Him, never the less since he was circumcised, will he not have a good reward considering this.

B) Woe to the time of Ishmael’s birth into the world and was circumcised. What did the Blessed One Be He do ? He distanced the Ishmaelite’s from the supernal clinging, and gave them a portion below in the Holy Land, due to them being circumcised. In the future the Ishmaelite’s will rule on the Holy Land a long period of time, at a time when it is desolate and empty. Just like their circumcision is empty lacking completion. They will hinder The Son’s of Israel from returning to their place. Till the merit of the Ishmaelite’s will be paid for.

C) In the future the Ishmaelite’s will stir up great wars in the world Then the Edomite nations will gather against them and wage war against them. By sea, as well as on land. Than these will on those and the Holy Land will be given to the Edomites.

D) AT the same time a nation from the far corners of the world rise up against the evil Roman empire and wage war with them for 3 months. Nations will gather and fall into their hands. Until there will gather against them the Edomite nations from all ends of the world. Then The Holy One Blessed Be He will rise up against them as is stated in Isaiah-34-6 “…….for Hashem is making a great sacrifice at Bozrah and a great slaughter in the land of Edom.”What does it say after ? (Job-38-13) “to grasp the edges of the earth and shake the wicked from it. He will empty the Ishmaelite’s from The Land, and break all the powers above,and there be no power above and no power will left to no nation in the world, only the power of Israel alone as it written in Psalms (121-5)”Hashem is your protective Shade at your right hand”

E) Because The Holy Name is on the right,and the Holy Torah is on the right,therefor everything depends on the right. We have learned that we need to lift the right above the left as it written (Deuteronomy-33-2) “……from His right hand HE presented the fiery Torah to them.”In near future it is written(Psalms-60-7) “So that Your beloved ones be released-save with Your right hand and answer me.”At that time,it is written (Zephaniah-3-9) “For then I will change the nations[to speak]a pure language, so that they will all proclaim the Name of Hashem to worship Him with a united resolve.”It is also written(Zechariah-14-9)Blessed be Hashem,for ever,AMEN and AMEN