The radical Islamic State terror group is asking social media users how it should murder the Jordanian pilot captured while flying a mission for the U.S.-led coalition.

The group’s supporters on social media have been using the Arabic hashtag “Suggest a way to kill the Jordanian pilot pig” to crowdsource creative solutions to murder Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was shot down over Syria and captured by the radicals.

The hashtag has garnered thousands of shares and tweets by the group’s activists and their supporters. Many have suggested horrific methods to torment the Jordanian pilot to death.

According to news website Vocativ, the suggestions included beheading, burning alive, pummeling with a tractor and “impalement.” In addition, another hashtag — in Arabic, “we all want to slaughter Muath” — has gained traction, with more than 11,000 uses.

The hashtag campaign was a response to a wider campaign run by supporters of the Jordanian pilot and his family. Since he was taken captive Dec. 24, hundreds of thousands of Arabs have tweeted using the hashtag “We are all Muath,” in which they share their prayers for the captive Jordanian.

The campaign was even adopted by Jordan’s Queen Rania, who uploaded a photo to Instagram in solidarity with the captive.

Muath married last summer and only finished flight school in recent months. His father, Youssef, urged the public to support the family. “I pray that Allah will plant mercy in their hearts and they will release him.”

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