Former congressman Barney Frank will be appearing at a small-dollar fund-raiser for pro-Clinton super PAC later this month. According to Capital New York, the fundraiser will take place on January 15, $20.16 fund-raiser at 42 Street, near Times Square.

Frank is a Massachusetts Democrat and former congressman who would be a great boost for Hillary Clinton. This is not the first time the duo will be working together. In April, Frank, brother of Clinton adviser Ann Lewis, headlined a Ready for Hillary event in Boston.

Although Frank told the Huffington Post he would support Clinton, he also made the statement that Elizabeth Warren candidacy would be a better fit for the party, reaping more benefits. “It’ll help keep liberal activity going and keep some pressure on people,” he said.

As the Huffington Post story noted, “Frank is an outspoken progressive on many issues, but on some financial issues is more conservative than Warren is, and has maintained relationships with top bankers since leaving Congress.”

Hillary Clinton has not declared candidacy yet, but the date signifies her choice to many. If she has not stated she will “not” run by January 15, it will be assumed she is moving forward to run for the 2016 presidential elections.

As CNN mentioned, “The reason is simple: Clinton has, so far, sucked up all the oxygen in the Democrats’ 2016 conversation. If she lets that continue well into 2015 and then decides to back out, she puts her party — which already has a thin bench of second tier candidates — in a tough position.”

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