By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H Parsha Shemos-Book of Exodus Shemos(שמות) “Names” What is in a Jewish name.

The Hebrew word for name is “שם”. It is the core letters of the word “נשמה” Neshamah,meaning Soul. Some permutations of the word “נשמה” are נשימה-meaning-breath. Hashem, breathed and still continues to breath the breath of life into our nostrils. The word “שמנה” Shmoneh-8-the basic symbol for the Supernatural and Infinity.

The word ״השמן״Hashemen-oil,which floats above water (natural). Oil is the product (edible)of all seeds. It contains the basic DNA necessary to reproduce its species.Therefore Shemen (oil) has become to be known as (semen) or the seminal point,the precious see of life.The word Menashe(tribe)represents the sense of smell intuition.

A name “שם” given to a child acts as a conduit channeling energy from Hashem-השם-משה-Moshe’s name spelled backwards in Hebrew-meaning a reflection from above-“in the image of”Hashem. This name channels spiritual energy from Hashem into our bodies and souls.Our Sages tell us that the Jews in Egypt remained a distinct entity,because the retained their Hebrew names,language and attire.Thus they merited their miraculous redemption.

A Jewish name is made up of the 22 letters of the Holy Tongue. Thus the combination of the Sacred Letters reflect their distinct characteristics in the role and purpose,towards which that soul was created for.

The Chasidic Masters teach us that an unconscious person will often respond and be revived when their Jewish name is called. The Baal-Shem-Tov’s name was Israel-ישראל. The all inclusive name of the Jewish People (עם ישראל). He was given that name because at that period of time the Jewish People were in a spiritual state of faint and unconsciousness. Israel being his name and the name of the Jewish People was his calling for revival through Inspiration leading to perspiration and thereby avoiding Expiration (G-D forbid)

To be continued G-D willing.שבועה טוב-Have a WONDER-FILLED WEEK.