By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H Brocha-Blessing
Every Friday Night-Shabos,parents bless their children.The origin of the Blessings is from
this weeks Parsha-Vayechi -48/20.”So he blessed that day,saying,”By you shall Israel bless
saying,”May G-D make you like Ephraim and like Manasseh.”-and he put Ephraim before
Manasseh. The etymological root of the word ברכה Brocha is from ברך berech meaning
knee joint.That joint makes it possible to sit down(download) and settle down ones mind.

Another meaning comes from a term להבריך את הגפן, meaning to bend down a vine branch
and create a new growth. Simply speaking it is referring to the ability of actualizing potential.
The word Brocha is also used when referring to timely rain – גשמי ברכה-Gishmei Brocha.
Referring to how the rain helps to reveal the potential dormant in the seed. Another frequent
Use term is ברכה במלכה -metaphorically meaning that the revelation of of the blessing is in
the application. Referring to the 9 words we pronounce before partaking of all Kosher foods
The tenth step is to eat the food. Ingest-Digest-Divest- Invest. I forgot to mention that a Brocha
for bread has 10 words, for it is the food of wisdom. Basically we are saying, that a Brocha
is a conduit or channel with the ability to move things forward and reveal the Divine power
in the food and actualize the Divine forces within. Hashocha Proteins and Emunah acids
Contained in the food thereby revealing and releasing the POTENT in the POTENTial.

The Friday night blessing for girls is “may you be blessed like the Matriarchs- Sarah,Rivkah ,
Rachel and Leah.The חומש -Bible starts with letter “Bet” of Bereshis בראשית. One reason why
not an א-aleph because Aleph is the first letter of the word ארור meaning cursed.Whereas ב Bet
Is the first letter of the word ברוך Baruch meaning blessing.Hinting at, that the END is wedged
in The Beginning. The “Bet”=2 thereby a binary that all development and unfolding of
all relationships are based upon and contained within The letter ב Bet when phonetically
spelled out בית means a house. The root of ברכה Brocha is ברך =222 the ultimate Binary
inherent potential revealed in the efforts we apply in actualization
This should be a Shabat of revealed blessings that are immediately implementable. Amen!!!!!