There is a lot of hope for 2015.

Human beings are fundamental optimists. Most people believe that things are going to get better, always. It’s our nature. Most people embrace the New Year with hope for a better year than the last. That is why new years are so important to us. Regardless of culture, Jewish… Christian… Muslim…, we all have very important New Year celebrations at different times.

If we didn’t have such innate hope as humans we wouldn’t celebrate the new year, we would dread it. Can you imagine if the fundamental truth was: “Here we go again, gonna be another miserable year?” Sure, some of us are like that but we really don’t like to spend much time with them.

No, most of us are quite the opposite. “This is going to be our year! 2015, can you believe it!” We explode into each new January with resolutions to make us better. Why? Because this year is the year! We embrace it with child like enthusiasm. Gym memberships go through the roof. It’s all about self improvement. Ask anyone in the raw juice business if their business explodes to new high’s this month.


Human beings are fundamental opptomists.

If we weren’t we wouldn’t bother.

Embrace the hope.