Ted Cruz is being advertised as a featured attraction for several high end resort vacation getaways catering to religious Jews, in addition to some of the most inspiring Rabbis. Senator Cruz is a Republican presidential candidate who is pro-Israel.

According to Politico, Cruz is supposed to speak at four different vacation destinations, including Aspen, during Passover.

The Prime Hospitality Group is the company advertising the offers and they suggest he will be speaking at Westlake Village, Monarch Beach in California, Aspen, Colorado; and Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

The advertisement reads: “4 Questions, 4 Cups of Wine, 4 Sons, And 4 Luxurious Prime Passover Programs. All featured unparalleled service and The Prime Group’s legendary cuisine.”

The program in Westlake is being promoted as an “intimate and personal and will feature the inspiring Rabbi Eli Mansour, Rabbi Daniel Mechanic, Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Malcom Hoenlein and the Senator Ted Cruz, surpassing all expectations.”

The event in St. Regis Monarch Beach will feature “some of the greatest rabbis and scholars of our time including Rabi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Eli Mansour, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Senator Ted Cruz.”

However, Cruz’s adviser maintains he will only be speaking at one event in Monarch Beach on April 8. The senator also has a fund raising event there and the “well-meaning organizers overstated his participation” at the events.

Senator Cruz, actively searching for prospective donors for the 2016 presidential run, is expected to discuss foreign police and Israel.

The Prime Hospitality runs a line of swanky kosher restaurants, including The Prime Grill in New York City. More vacation destinations can be found on their website: The Prime Experience.