Jerusalem – On Monday, IDF soldiers stationed near the village of Beit Omar south of Bethlehem fire on a Palestinian vehicle after it drove past them and an occupant hurled an object suspected to be an explosive device.

Soon afterwards, Palestinian medical sources said a 17-year-old youth who was in the car sustained serious gunshot injuries, and a 19-year-old was lightly injured.

An army spokeswoman said after the incident that the object thrown out of the car was a bomb. No soldiers were injured in the incident.

Palestinian reports say that a 17-year-old boy was in serious condition and another youth’s condition was unknown following the incident. The army said it is investigating the incident.

The Ma’an Palestinian news agency named the injured youths as Muhammad Ibrahim Sabri Awad, 17, who is seriously injured, and Ayish Khalid Sabri Awad, 19, who reportedly sustained a gunshot wound to the thigh.

“Both were evacuated to al-Ahli hospital in Hebron around midnight,” Ma’an said.

The IDF has launched an investigation into the incident.

It comes hours after a Palestinian minor was shot dead by the IDF after hurling large rocks at Israeli vehicles in the northern West Bank.

The IDF unit spotted Palestinians attacking Israeli traffic at Tapuah Junction on Monday.

Soldiers attempted to stop the rock throwers, and during the ensuing clash, Emam Jamil, 16, from Beita, south of Nablus, was shot dead.

Military Police has launched an investigation into the incident.