Tehran – According to a senior commander in Iran’s Basij militia, the paramiltary volunteer corps which is part of the Revolutionary Guards, the fight against foreign influences in Iran is more important than the Islamic Republic’s efforts to achieve nuclear weapons.

Iran’s IRNA news agency quoted Abdul Reza Dashti, the head Basij commander in Bushehr, as saying that “the battle against satellite TV and social networks on the Internet is more important than the effort of achieving chemical and atomic weapons.”

Dashti said that the way of fighting these foreign influences is through “education aimed at the future generation of our society.”

The regime has been threatening and fining those who own satellite dishes and then gathering and destroying those dishes publicly.

“Our mission as the one that is in charge is to provide the appropriate conditions and satisfy the people’s hunger for TV shows by airing them on our government channels,”Dashti said.

He added: “Although some families aren’t aware of the damage that satellite TV does in corrupting the young generation, we should stand firmly against this cultural attack from our enemies on our values and those who are behind this.”