There is a growing level of worry within the Cleveland Cavaliers organization about first-year coach David Blatt and his ability to reach the team, according to league sources.

David Blatt who is Jewish, was hired last summer after coaching the professional team in Israel, the power house Maccabi Tel Aviv.

There is growing concern that Blatt isnt ‘reaching’ his players. Are professionals in the U.S that much different than international players? Yes! It seems to be similar to the leap from coaching kids in college to professionals in the NBA. For better or worse NBA players only listen to who they listen too and that depends, often, on an immature set of criteria. Coaches are quickly tuned out and disregarded by young players and even veterans if any respect is lost.

And there in lays the problem.

Building a team requires a system that is implemented by the coach. It is incumbent on the players to learn this system and apply it. If players lack confidence in the system before it has a chance to work the coach and said team are dead in the water. It’s often times that simple.

That could be what is happening in Cleveland.

On paper the Cavs are tremendous. They are led by the greatest player in the world, LeBron James and one of the best low post players in Kevin Love and one of the most gifted point guards in Kyrie Irving. So whats the problem? Well, they don’t seem to be buying into the system.

And unfortunately, David Blatt is getting the blame.

Blatt was indeed asked Sunday at his postgame news conference whether he is worried that he might be losing control of the team. He responded: “I’m not concerned about that at all. I’m more concerned with how we’re playing.”

LeBron has taken over the point guard duties since Kyrie Irving went down with a hyperextended knee. I move he made apparently, without checking with his coach.

“No, I can do it on my own,” James said of his role change. “I’m past those days where I have to ask.”

“You know, we’re going through a few things right now,” Blatt said Sunday night.