By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H According to Sefer Yitzirah. The month of Teveth is 10th month or the year. The Zodiac sign
Is גדי-mountain goat.The nature (sense) is anger.The representative organ is the liver. Excessive
use of alcohol results in anger and disruptive behavior.The positive application of anger is
Constructive determination.Instead of expressing anger to others,be “angry “at putting of for
Tomorrow, what you said you were going to do yesterday.Stop dragging your feet,break bad
habits. Simply apply self-determination The tribe of this month is דן-Dan.Dan was the last tribe
in the marching formation of the משכן-Tabernacle. One of his tasks was to return lost property
to its rightful owner.

According to the Ari z”l the months of Teveth and Shevat correspond to
the two eyes. The eyes are of the most sensitive organs in terms of their ability to draw a person
away from spirituality (windows of the soul).”The eye sees and so,the heart desires”. The letter
of this month is. (ע-(עין-meaning EYE. The element associated with this month is earth.Symbolizing
sluggish power of materiality The liver on the other hand is the source of
FRESH blood and vitality,when harnessed positively (de-liver). Saturn (שבתאי) Shabtai is the
representative planet of this month.It etymologically is symbolic of limitations and inactivity.
On the positive side it symbolizes the power in-depth contemplation and deep understanding.
This is a quality most representative of שבת Shabbat,when we refrain mundane activities in
order attempt to reach for and begin to experience the transcendent.

The tribe of this month is דן Dan, symbolizing דין-severe judgement. In the desert encampments
Dan was in the north ,from where issue judgement and constricting darkness.The place in the
world where the sunlight is most hidden. In Hebrew the word(עז) mountain goat is related to
the words fierce and arrogant (עז -עזות) The sense of this month,anger(רוגז)This word (רוגז)
has the same Gematria as ראיה-sight,seeing, יראה awesome, אריה-lion, and (גברה).These
word concepts can help harness the energy of anger to overcome ones evil,self-destructive
inclinations . May we continue to see the miracles revealed immediately in our sincere
efforts.Amen V Amen.May we all have a happy and healthy month.