By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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B”H Chanukah-Menorah-Turn on deLIGHT -Face It-ILLUMINATE In the Beis Hamikdash stood a SEVEN BRANCHED MENORAH/ There were 3 pairs of 2 diagonal branches and menorah-templeone Central branch. Each branch had an oil cup and a wick.The wick of the central branch stood upright in the oil cup .Whereas the 3 branches on each side of the central branch all faced the central branch. (((!)))

On our face there 7 openings (3 pairs of 2 and one central branch) 2 eyes 2 nostrils 2 ears and central mouth.The eyes ears and nostrils are silent observers and collectors of information. The mouth shares and expresses the observations of the committee The Menorah was laced in a room where the windows were narrow on the inside and widened out.

Generally for greatest light the windows narrow on the outside and wide on the inside,like a flashlight. The spiritual reason is the room of the Menorah was not dependent on outside light The reason for the narrowness on the inside was to MAXIMISE the ILLUMINATION from the HOLY LIGHT of the Menorah.

THE METAPHOR at last. Our face like a Menorah-After you have seen,what YOU have seen-heard what YOU have heard smelled what YOU have smelled (intuition),WHAT do YOU have to say (share) about it. Your unique perspective and inspired inspirational expression will bring deLIGHT and enLIGHTment which will REveAL THE CREATOR IN CREATION.TURN ON the deLIGHT TUNE to the stories the candles are SWAYING Let go and conquer the inner darkness. REVEALED BLESSINGS, חנובה שמח מאד ) חמש חשם שמח=משיח MOSHIACH NOW!