By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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“Give ear,O Shepherd of Israel,You Who leads Joseph like a flock; O You Who is enthroned
Upon the Cherubim.” The entire Jewish People are called by Joseph’s name,because he
Sustained them during the famine. 1

The following message is about Joseph on Shabbat and Holidays
Every Shabbat and on all Holidays we sanctify our meal, after spiritual prayers with three
Basic ingredients. Wine, Bread and in most cases chicken. Wine יין in a cup כוס. These two words
ייו+כוס=156 = Yosef יוסף.

We then ritually purify our hands with water, in preparation to uplift
The Sparks in the staff of life. We then cut the bread and dip it into salt 3 times. Bread -לחם+
מלח -salt =יוסף -Yosef =156. Generally in most average Jewish families chicken is served.
chicken-עוף =156 =Yosef-יוסף.

Yosef =6xHashems name-156.Yosef the Tzadik,the ultimate physical and righteous spiritual
Jew,rescued not only his family ,but most of the world from famine. He supplied spirituality,
Symbolized by יין- wine,physicality, symbolized by the bread,the staff of life.As well as Love
And Awe(fear) represented by the two chicken wings.

The next time you make Kiddush ,if not for Yosef bringing his family down to Egypt. For the
Ultimate purpose Redemption. In order to receive the Holy Torah . None of us would be here
Today(G-D forbid).



  1. Rashi Psalms 80-2