Jerusalem – Former justice minister Tzipi Livni, in a farewell ceremony to the workers of the ministry after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired her earlier this week, and on the threshold of her election campaign, said she was, “at the start of a fight for our life.”

Livni said she was proud that the ministry during her term fought against racism and discrimination in Israeli society.

She spoke about the “Jewish state” bill that Netanyahu promoted in the past weeks, saying it became a struggle over Israel’s image as a Jewish and democratic state.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein said at the ceremony that Livni was solid and dependable and that he would miss her personally because of the friendship that they formed.

Livni also served as the Justice Minister between 2004-2006.

Hours ahead of her firing, on Tuesday Livni let loose at Netanyahu, saying the impending elections will “not be over zero sales tax,” but on replacing a government she accused of “extremism, provocativeness, and paranoia,” without knowing how to fight terrorism while also “upholding freedom and Zionism.”

She accused the prime minister of “inciting sectors in Israel against each other,” attacking his proposed law to define the Jewishness of the country as abandoning the idea of balancing Zionism with democratic principles.