Israel – ┬áSecurity forces are concerned about an upswing in attempts to carry out terrorist attacks in order to influence domestic affairs in Israel, amid the recent political turmoil.

“The Palestinian leadership is clearly inciting the street who see a connection between the political reality in Israel and the security situation,” an Israeli security official told Maariv Hashavua.

“It’s obvious that that the wave of terror we have seen can influence the political landscape and turn into a propaganda tool for all parties ahead of the upcoming elections,” he said.

Israeli security officials say that over the past day, Palestinian television shows are discussing the political drama in Israel non-stop and are inciting the atmosphere.

The officials say that all of the reports on Israeli politics in the Palestinian media focus on the narrative of the, “downfall of the government as a result of the resistance through the use of terror acts and Operation Protective Edge.”

Hamas said earlier this week that the collapse of the Israeli coalition is an indication that the Islamist group won this past summer’s war.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post