Rabbi Yehuda Glick  — a Temple Mount activist — was banned from visiting the site after he was arrested in August in connection with an assault on an Arab woman, during a visit to the holy site.

Glick was was shot four times at point-blank range by 32-year-old Islamic Jihad member Moataz Hejazi after delivering a lecture at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on October 29. The attacker was killed in a police shootout at his East Jerusalem home several hours later.

After his arrest in August, Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered Glick to stay away from the Temple Mount, after police requested it.

During the appeal hearing on Sunday, Police attorney Shira Karavany-Arad said that the risk of Glick visiting the Temple Mount “has increased since the assassination attempt, not decreased.” She added that “What occurred isn’t simple, but there’s no connection between it and the assault on this woman,” and therefor the ban should still be intact.

Glick was released form the Hospital last week, he is still suffering from speech difficulties due to damage to his respiratory system, in addition to other issues.