The threat appears in the foreword of the fifth edition of the organization’s official magazine, Dabiq – named for a town in the suburbs of Syria’s Aleppo, in which the group’s members believe their will be a great war between Muslims and the West after its armies conquer Syria.

In the foreword, Islamic State announces that it plans to widen its rule into the Arabian Peninsula, the Sinai Peninsula, Yemen, Libya and Algeria.

The organization vows that its flag will fly over Jerusalem, as well as over Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

“While the eyes of the world were all blinded and spellbound by the sorcerous media ‘covering’ the battle for ‘Ayn al-Islām (Kobani), the eyes of the Islamic State were scanning East and West, preparing for the expansion that – by Allah’s permission – would put an end to the Jewish State, Āl Salūl, and the rest of the apostate tawāghīt, the allies of the cross,” the article says.

The group further vows that “the flag of the Caliphate will rise over Mecca and Medina, even if the apostates and hypocrites despise such. The flag of the Caliphate will rise over Baytul-Maqdis (Jerusalem) and Rome, even if the Jews and Crusaders despise such.”

It adds: “The shade of this blessed flag will expand until it covers all eastern and western extents of the Earth, filling the world with the truth and justice of Islam and putting an end to the falsehood and tyranny of jāhiliyyah (the state prior to Islam), even if America and its coalition despise such.”

In the previous edition of Dabiq, Islamic State admitted to kidnapping Yazidi women and children to make them slaves, because religious sages had determined that they were “infidels.”

A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stands guard at checkpoint near the city of Biji