KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — A Wanita Umno delegate urged Islamic authorities today to take action against the Jewish threat of “style, song, sports and sex”.

Wanita Umno Ketereh vice-chief Norhayati Yaacob also told the federal Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to combat apostasy and influence from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, besides calling for a fatwa (religious edict) against touching dogs.

“Let us defend our youth,” Norhayati said.

“We ask that Jakim play a bigger role in matters that threaten the faith of Muslims,” she added.

Norhayati also called for competency in the Malay language to be strengthened in schools, besides proposing that Arab, Mandarin or Tamil be made mandatory electives at national schools.

In a landmark case involving transgenders, the Court of Appeal recently struck down a Negri Sembilan Shariah law provision as unconstitutional for prohibiting Muslim men from cross-dressing.

According to the country’s second highest court, the Islamic state law violates several fundamental liberties, notably the constitutional rights to liberty, equality, freedom of movement and freedom of expression.

Some conservative Muslims and senior Islamic clerics were also angered previously over an event organised by a Muslim in Petaling Jaya that allowed fellow Muslims to touch dogs, an animal deemed culturally taboo in Malaysia.