By: Rabbi Moshe Schlass
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HODU in Hebrew means PRAISE and also TURKEY!

In the Farmers Almanac, the turkey is called the dumbest animal. The reason for the title is if it starts to rain and the turkey is in the fields, the turkey will look up dumb struck.

Metaphorically speaking, the turkey is thinking that anything falling from such a great height should do a lot of damage! Rather, the drop is gently spread and rolls off its feathers!

Hodu La’Hashem Ki’Tov” (THANKSGIVING to Hashem for He is good)

Unless the farmer would break the spell by taking the turkey inside the barn, the turkey’s throat would be filled with rain and it would die awestruck!

How does the relate to us? Something that comes from such a great height should by its very nature nullify us, however we praise Hashem for the kindness of being able to experience and be awe-struck by his existence and appreciate the miracle that through this experience we are not nullified out of existence.

The result is that we have a one-to-one with the only One, that feels the same way about us which makes our existence possible! Yesh Mi’ayin, something from NOthing. NOW YOU’RE TALKING TURKEY!!!