A leader of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta group, which is a fierce anti-Zionist organization, was beaten by a group of Muslim men in Holland.

Dutch police said that Joseph Antebi, 50, was attacked yesterday by Muslim men in Amsterdam. They came over to his stopped car, pulled him out from his vehicle, beat him and spit on him. The suspects then fled from the scene.

The rabbi begged passersby for help, but his pleas were ignored.

According to the police report, Antebi called the police and was able to provide cell phone images of the suspects to the police. “Rabbi Antebi is in the hospital and in stable condition. Antebi is suffering from severe pain, nausea and vomiting. He is also suffering from internal bleeding,” according to a statement released by Neturei Karta.

However, the group remained defiant in defending radical Islamic militants. “This incident just shows how the Zionist are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism throughout the world,” the group said in a statement.