Panic gripped a stretch of Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv on Tuesday night, when a series of callers told police dispatchers they heard shouts of “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic) coming from an apartment on the street.

Considering the current tension in Israel and string of terror attacks, officers from the Lev Tel Aviv station scrambled to the scene, arriving at the door of an apartment on the street. Once there they asked to be let in but the three men present refused. At this point police said they were able to determine that the shouts were coming from a sound system and projected out towards the street and surrounding area.

After the police ruled that there was nothing unusual going on, or any security threat, one of the men agreed to go with them downstairs to the sidewalk, where he refused to identify himself and was arrested, Tel Aviv police said.

At that point, the other two men came downstairs and began interfering with the officers. Another one of the suspects then allegedly attacked one of the officers and at that point the other two were arrested.

Tel Aviv police said that the three, who they identified only as “left-wing Jews”, denied any connection to the shouts that were reportedly heard on the street.