Three brutes beat a man while hurling anti-Semitic insults at him at a Brooklyn train station, cops said Tuesday.

The 53-year-old Orthodox Jewish man was waiting for a train at the Marcy Ave. station near S. Ninth St. in Williamsburg just before 4 p.m. Monday when one of the three suspects approached from behind and tried to take something out of his pocket.

When the victim whirled around and asked the stranger what he was doing, the brut called him a “dirty bloody Jew,” cops said.

He then spit at the victim, grabbed the man’s umbrella and beat him over the head with it before running off.

The victim pursued, but was attacked from behind by a second accomplice, who called him a “f—ing Jew” and kicked him repeatedly, cops said.

A bystander ran over to help, but was also attacked by the suspects before they escaped onto a Manhattan-bound train.

Neither man was seriously injured, officials said.