New data shows 10.5% of Jerusalem residents have received the vaccine, while in Tel Aviv 19.8%; southern town of Omer takes the lead with 40% of the population vaccinated; Haredi communities trail others when it comes to inoculation

Over 20% of the Israeli public has received the shot of the coronavirus vaccine, the Health Ministry said Wednesday.

Israel has been among the leading countries in the world when it comes to its COVID-19 vaccination drive boosted by a high-speed inoculation campaign that so far saw over two million Israelis vaccinated.

מתחסנים בראשון לציון
Vaccination campaign in Rishon LeTsiyon (Photo: Motti Kimchi )


The ministry said 21.44% has received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, while 0.97% of the public have already been given the second jab.

For the first time since the start of the vaccination campaign, health authorities released the tally of inoculated in each city.

The southern town of Omer boasts the highest number of vaccinated with over 40% of the residents inoculated so far. Omer is followed by Lehavim with 39.19%, Savyon with 36.85%, Giv’at Avni with 33.7%, Kfar Vradim with 33.18%, Kiryat Tivon with 29.37% and Shimshit with 28.1%.

חיסון קורונה בירושלים
Vaccination center in Jerusalem (Photo: AFP)


In Jerusalem, which has the highest number of active coronavirus patients, 10.5% of the population have been given the vaccine, while in Tel Aviv, 19.8% of the residents have already been inoculated.

In Haifa 23.58% of the public has been inoculated, in Rishon LeTsiyon 20.36%, in Petah Tikva 19.11%, in Bnei Brak 6.99%, in Beit Shemesh 7.54% and in Modi’in Illit 2.95%.

Although it appears the ultra-Orthodox cities have a much lower number of vaccinated compared to other cities and towns, these communities have a significantly younger population than the national average.

As reported by Ynetnews